Saturday, 20 April 2013

Finding Trust Teaser Pics

Synopsis and Giveaway!!

Hey, guess what? You got it! The Anchor Group anthology will be on sale from April 21st to the 27th. What is Unhappily Ever After; Fairy Tales with a Twist you ask? Good question.


Fairy tales have a happy ending ... or do they? In this anthology of short stories we learn that sometimes happily ever after misses the mark. From Rumpelstiltskin's Ghost, to an unhappily married Snow White, or the little known Eighth Dwarf to Jack's poor decision making skills. Sit back and enjoy these lesser known fairy tales as told by some of today's hottest authors!

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This snazzy shoe tape dispenser, since every princess needs a slipper. A two-pack of sleep masks, since every princess needs her beauty sleep. Various bookmarks and donated swag. A paperback copy of Unhappily Ever After; Fairy Tales with a Twist. And a few added suprises!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Mini Teaser

Then she had to go and tease me, and people that teased deserved to be punished. So I kissed her, but the plan backfired she bloody well enjoyed it.

Darien - Finding Trust

Finding Trust Trailer

Cheree from Book Dragon Designs ( made me this beautiful trailer.

Cheree was brilliant to work with and I recommend her 100%. I gave her a very rough idea of what I wanted and she brought back more than what I asked for. Very happy with the work. Thanks Cheree!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Finding Trust Cover Reveal

Leah had been a daddies girl, always taking his side when her parents had their petty debates, pacing the floor waiting for him to come home from work where she would run into his arms and the bed time stories he would read to her at night.
Then one day it all changed, her dad packed his things and left with another woman.
Since then Leah doesn't trust anyone, especially men. She watches the world pass from behind the walls she had barricaded herself with.
Then they come. The new neighbour with her daughter who refuses to leave Leah alone and the older brother who might just teach Leah to trust again


Just want to say a massive thank you to Lyn from for making this cover. Fully recommended her, she was quick with response and had the cover ready really quick. Will be using her work in future.

The trailer for Finding Trust will be revealed on Saturday!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I have now added my short stories individually to Wattpad.

You can have a look at these here :

Or you can download the full short stories collection from Smashwords for free here :

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Mini Finding Trust teaser!

"No Darien, I do not know the stars."

"Come lye here and I'll show you." Darien patted the ground next to him.

I looked at the spot of grass like it was a mine field.

"Come on. I won't bite." He smirked at my obvious unease. "Not even if you beg me too." 

- Darien and Leah 

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Finding Trust Teaser!

Thought it was time I gave you guys another preview of Leah and Darien. This is one of my favorite moments between them. I am so excited and this book and can't wait to let you guys read it.  Hope you enjoy! 

“Unfortunately, there is only enough room for one arrogant person in my family.”
“In your family?" I scoffed. “I’m surprised they can even put up with you. If you lived with me-“
“Having you been thinking about that?” Darien winked. “You and I living together.”
“Darien by the time your ego is taken into the equation there would be no room for a relationship.” I snapped despite the blush that crept over my cheeks.
Darien came over to the fence and leaned his arms against it, now he was so close that I could feel his breath against my face. “So you have been thinking about it.”
“I don’t need to think about it to know what kind of person you would be in a relationship. Self centered, jealous-“
“I’ll stop you right there Books.” Darien put his finger on my lips to silence me. “I am never jealous.”
I stared as his eyes fixated on me, kept frozen on the spot all because of one little finger on my lips.
“Do you know why?” He whispered leaning in even closer to speak into my ear. “Because when I am with a girl. She is my world. She has no other reason to look elsewhere because I am always there, so there is never a reason for me to be jealous.”