Sunday, 6 October 2013

Candy Land - By Katie

This is a short story my little sister has begun to write. She is nine years old and this is the first thing she has written. 

Candy Land 
Part One 

One day Katie and Chloe were racing down the street.  Then a triangle appeared on the road made with light from the sky. It was quite big, we looked at each other then ran into the triangle. 
Everything was white.
It was very different. 
“Where are we?” Asked Katie.
“I think it’s Candy Land.” Answered Chloe.
“It’s just like that book.” Katie said amazed. 
It was complete candy, trees were lolly pops or bouncy candy trees. They were amazed. 
“Let’s go explore.” Suggested Katie.
“Sure.” Exclaimed Chloe. 
But before they could move-
“Hi, welcome to candy land. My names Gingy.” Said the gingerbread man. 
“Hi, I’m Katie.”
“And I’m Chloe.”
“Would you like me to show you around?” Asked Gingy. 
“Yes, yes, yes!” They exclaimed. 
“Let’s go then.” Said Gingy.
They followed Gingy out of the woods. They came to a chocolate waterfall.
“Wow.” They both screamed. 
“That’s amazing.” Shouted Katie. 
“You bet.” Agreed Chloe.
“It’s made of freshly made milk chocolate.” Said Gingy. 
“Are we allowed to try it.” Asked Chloe. 
“Go ahead.” Said Gingy. “But be careful you don’t fall in.”
“Yeah.” They both screamed.
“That tastes amazing.” They both said at the same time. 
“We better get going.” Gingy told them.
“Coming.” Said Katie.
“Me too.” Said Chloe.
They carried on going through the candy kane woods. It was amazing how it was all candy. 
“Now we are at the bouncy trees.” Gingy told them.
“Bouncy!” Katie exclaimed,
“Yes jump on a branch and it will shoot you up to the next one.” Gingy told both girls. 
“Can we try?” Asked Katie. 
“If you like but be careful.”
“Ok.” They both said. 
So they jumped on the same branch and it shot them up to the next branch. They were half way the bouncy tree. 
“Stop!” Shouted Gingy. “When you are at the top, jump on the purple candy to drop you down.” 
“Right then.” They shouted. 
“Ok. Let’s jump on the purple ones.” said Katie.
“Let’s jump.” Chloe said. 
Drop. Drop. Drop…
They landed. 
“That was awesome.” They both screamed. 
Gingy told the girls they were just about at the Gummy Bear Village. 
“Yay,” They said. 
“Let’s keep going then.” Said Gingy. 
“Look, it’s a big live-in gummy bear.”
“Awesome.” Exclaimed Chloe.
“It’s so cute.” Whispered Katie. 
“My name is Jelly.” The gummy bear smiled. 
“Hi Jelly.” Said Katie. 
“Hi. I’m Chloe, this is my friend Katie.”
“Hello, welcome to the Gummy Bear Village.”

To be continued in Part Two

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